This day was even worse than yesterday – just as foggy, but now we got rain as well. Lovely. So it was another long walk with the G10 and this time I experimented with the ISO values. And again I agree with what everyone says, the IQ is usable up to ISO 200 and anything above that should only be used in desperation. This image is taken with ISO 200, it was originally full colour but trust me, the difference to this b&w version was minimal; the days don’t get much more grey than today. So although I’m not a fan of b&w, I’m kinda happy with this one (and it will work better when I can properly process the RAW in LR… please Adobe, please!). Just had to crop all around to tighten up the composition and then to 2:3 dimensions. It may seem that I’m really attached to the 2:3 format but the thing is that my brain is so programmed for it that I have trouble seeing my compositions in 4:5. It will be useful to learn it though, just in case I ever want to move up to medium format!

Tree in fog
Tree in fog

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