Seems like it has taken forever but my now almost traditional autumn holiday has arrived. Last year we tried a short return hike to Helags but now we’re ready for something a bit more meaty – the classic Jämtlandstriangel, or the Jämtland Triangle. It’s a 47 km trek between the mountain lodges of Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren and back to Storulvån. Because the trail is relatively easy and the accommodations are somewhat luxurious (considering that there are no roads that lead to Sylarna or Blåhammaren), the Triangle is often recommended as a first trip for beginner hikers.

Instead of hiking the 16 km to Sylarna on the same day as arriving to Storulvån, we had decided to do a short hike on the first day and then start the actual trek the morning after. A few years ago I had tried to get up to Getryggen but had to abandon the effort because of the weather, so now I was looking forward to finally getting up there and seeing the scenery that I only glimpsed back then between the snow gusts. This time the weather was a lot better, no snowflakes in sight and almost calm.

Fog arriving on Getryggen

The way up to the peak of Getryggen is quite steep but not a problem if you’re the slightest bit determined and not completely out of shape. I was happy to notice that I wasn’t completely out of shape (but almost) and I sure was determined, and so we made it to the top of the 1382 metre mountain. At first we just took in the view and as I pulled out the camera for pictures, we saw a fog bank appear right out of nowhere. Before we even recovered from our surprise, the fog bank arrived to our peak and surrounded us so we wasted no time in getting back down below the fog. Maybe it was the sun that was starting to come out between the clouds that caused the fog but it sure was fast!

When we were back at Storulvån, I felt my thighs ache from the trek down the mountain. You’d think that going down is easy, but you do want to fight against the gravity a little bit so you don’t come down all too fast!

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