Once for a change I thought that I would try to catch some morning light. I think I’ve mentioned before that I really really like a good night’s sleep, so you don’t often see me out and about at sunrise. This morning the sun came up 6am and my best effort was to be on site at 7.30, just in time to see the wind pick up and blow away the morning mist. The sun was a bit sluggish as well so there wasn’t any morning light to speak of anyway, but that mist would’ve been nice. I caught the dew instead, on this cobweb and then on my trousers as I hiked through the tall grass, they were so wet that it didn’t matter that I was wearing wellingtons, the water just trickled down on the inside. So even if I don’t want to sacrifice my sleep for morning photography, I take great comfort in that I occasionally manage to suffer for my art anyway, LOL!

Misty cobweb
Misty cobweb

But seriously, it turned out to be a great morning regardless. This was right next to the place where I’ve photographed the lady’s slippers and many other flowers, and now I got to do some landscape work as well. One of my favourite locations in Loos for sure!

When the sun finally did come out

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