Return to the Green Lake

It’s been over two years since my last visit to the Gröntjärn lake, so I was really looking forward to today’s trip. Gröntjärn is one of my all time favourite (photo) locations, and I used to enjoy every visit there. And there were plenty of visits, during those five years I lived in Ljusdal.


The most interesting thing about this little lake is the water level. I’ve seen it at almost flood level, and I’ve seen it shrink into small pools. Today, it was something in between, and as beautiful as ever! Judging by the shoreline, it looks like the water level hasn’t been very high in the past years. Plant life is decorating the shores with its greens and even trees are starting to get a hold on the slopes. But, come next flood, and the shores will be stripped bare again.

What a great day, visiting an old favourite and finally doing that long motorcycle trip I’ve been talking about. Lovely!

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