From one tourist magnet to another. I’ve never been to the Nipfjället nature reserve even though I’ve been thinking about getting there for a few years now. The reserve consists of two mountains, Nipfjället and Städjan, where Nipfjället is the higher peak but Städjan probably more famous with its volcano like shape which is fairly unique in Sweden. Regardless, it’s the lower Nipfjället peak (”Lillnipen”) where the people flock, so naturally I headed for the highest peak called ”Mulen”. The parking lot was full of cars, but I was all alone on the mountain. It’s not a difficult hike by any means so I don’t understand why more people don’t take the trouble. I have no ambitions about being a mountain climber and the easier the hike is, the better, but I just don’t want to mingle with small children up on a mountain like I saw them going up Lillnipen. There’s easy, and then there’s too easy!

Crowds on Nipfjället. Lillnipen on the left.

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