The candle larkspur (Delphinium elatum) has been on my wanted-list for years just like the nettle-leaved bellflower in the previous post. Except that I didn’t know it was the candle larkspur until today – I’ve just seen this tall blue flower grow behind an enclosed pasture, but never got a closer look. Either I’ve completely missed the peak of the bloom (out on vacation) or the pasture has been closed (horses). But now I noticed that the pasture was open, and the flowers are at their best. So there I was, looking up at the flowers – that’s how tall they were! Wishing for a higher tripod is normally not something you do with flower photography, but I found some shorter individuals and got to marvel and photograph this stately flower up close. Very impressive!

Candle larkspur (Delphinium elatum)
Candle larkspur (Delphinium elatum)

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