Somehow the weather got the best of me. Of course, it’s nice to have warm sunshine so I shouldn’t complain, it’s better than constant rain for sure. But then there’s the feeling that I’m here too early in the season. And I’m really getting fed up with having to hike up mountains, yes I get to see great landscape and the feeling of reaching the treeline and then the top of the mountain is unbeatable… but I’m just getting tired of it now, that’s all. I think I need a holiday from my holiday.

So I will leave Härjedalen for now. Instead of heading straight home, I drove to Ljungdalen to check out Torkilstöten, which is probably my favourite flower location. The fact that it’s easy to reach (the road takes you to the tree line) doesn’t hurt, but it’s really the flowers that make it stand out. This is also the location for the alpine chamorchis that I mentioned earlier, but I had a feeling that I was way too early to see it. But there are plenty of other flowers, so time just flew by as I was walking up and down, left and right on the mountain side. I think next year though, I will have to come here in mid-July or even later.

Now that I was north from Flatruet, I thought I might as well take the road to Åsarna and check out the Rövrafallet waterfall east from Storsjö. I was also interested in seeing how the new road was shaping up, they’re now working on the Ljungdalen-Storsjö stretch but the rest of it is already done. And I was well impressed, it’s an absolute joy to drive and a far cry from the stress-inducing and car-chipping experience that the old road used to be. They have also built plenty of picnic places and lay-bys so kudos for that.


The waterfall turned out to be bigger than I expected, and I was actually positively surprised. It’s that awkward size of waterfall that I normally don’t like, but somehow I thought that this was nice, even if I didn’t get any good pictures. If you ever take the Åsarna-Ljungdalen road, then I’d recommend a visit to Rövrafallet. Take the road signed to Tossåsen (it’s actually the old road so you can compare it to the new), the Rövrafallet parking is less than 2 km on the left. Leave your car at the picnic place, unless you have a high clearance vehicle so you can drive to the trailhead (it will save you a whopping 200m). The trailhead is marked and the trail is well worn, it’s an easy hike of 800m to the falls. There’s a wind shelter and even a toilet, so the place is just waiting for visitors, but I would imagine that not many people visit the place though. Is it even mentioned in any tourist brochure?

* * *

When I got home, it was 13 °C and overcast. I’m not gonna complain!

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