I’ll spend the first week of my holiday in Gotland – never been there before, but I just couldn’t resist it now with what all the orchids. So I drove to Nynäshamn to catch the ferry, an easy cruise of just over 3 hours to Visby. I arrived at 18:00 and I checked in at the hostel (not as easy as it sounds – there’s no reception there), got some food and then drove to Högklinten to check the view and admire the sunset. I felt like Alice in Wonderland…. already I was overwhelmed by all the flowers! But I just took my scenic pictures, flower time begins tomorrow.

Högklinten in sunset light
Högklinten in sunset light

My first impressions of Gotland: High cliffs, haven’t seen such since England. But once you’re up that cliff, very flat. Haven’t seen such since Denmark. The preferred mode of transport around here is a bicycle, hardly surprising.

And it’s windy – very windy, by flower photography standards. Patience will be an essential tool. Patience and a Plamp.

The island may be small but the flowers somehow look bigger… I swear the poppies are twice the size we have!

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