Weather – October 2007

October – just waiting for the winter now. Got some great autumn colours early on, but a few blustery days in the middle took care of them. Got the first snow, lost the first snow… got some snow on the last day on the month, but will probably lose it on the first day of the next. One thing I have to say though – where’s the rain? It has hardly rained at all, especially considering that it’s autumn. The barometer average is the highest this year so far, which more or less says it about the precipitation.

* * *

Temperature (High): 8°C
Temperature (Low): -4°C
Temperature (Average): 3°C

Barometer (High): 1025 mbar
Barometer (Low): 995 mbar
Barometer (Avg): 1013 mbar

Total of sunny days: 4

Snow cover (High): 1 cm
Snow cover (Low): 0 cm
Snow cover (Avg): 0 cm
New snow: 2 cm
Days with snowfall: 2

Rain: 26 mm
Days with rain: 7

* * *

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