Weather – September 2007

September was odd in that it was … well, very September-ish. Lately it seems like the months have been unlike themselves but now we got the kind of temperatures you’d expect, maybe not as much as rain as would be normal but some anyway, and most of all, we got glorious autumn colours. I wasn’t here in September last year, but I heard people saying that the colour season was exceptionally short and dull.

We also saw the first snowfall of the season, it wasn’t much but it qualifies. The coldest temperature I saw was -3°C on the morning of the 19th.


I just found an SMHI publication (PDF) about Hälsingland’s climate, it provides some weather extremes for this county.

* * *

Temperature (High): 14°C
Temperature (Low): 3°C
Temperature (Average): 8°C

Barometer (High): 1025 mbar
Barometer (Low): 988 mbar
Barometer (Avg): 1005 mbar

Total of sunny days: 3

Snow: just a little, nothing to count

Rain: 85 mm
Days with rain: 16

* * *

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