Time flies

Funny how time flies when you’re doing nothing. I honestly can’t remember exactly what I’ve done from day to day since I arrived to our summer house in Savonlinna. Somehow it sounds like I’ve been making perfect use of my holiday though… My sister with family and dog in tow arrived a couple of days after me. The dog is an absolute treasure, impossible not to like her. Quiet as any dog I’ve ever seen, very attached to people, will do any trick for a sausage but once she gets a whiff of a rabbit, you won’t see the tail of her. She’s one of those supposedly low-allergenic species but allergenic enough for me it appears, so in a way I’m relieved that they’ve left now, it’s getting easier to breathe.


Photographically speaking I haven’t done anything special. I aim to take at least one picture every day during my stay here and I’ve reached that, but the results are pretty much the same old same old. I was happy to see that not all the flowers had reached their peak yet, so I have something to look forward to next week. The weather has been less than perfect, a couple of days of rain which doesn’t really bother me but the wind is killing most of the ops. Currently it’s almost storming so I might as well sit inside and type this. If something good has to be said of the wind, then it’s that it’s keeping the mosquitoes and biting flies in the hiding. Plenty enough of those otherwise!

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