Weather – May 2007

In some respects, May felt like a cooler month than April. April had a warm spell that lured us into thinking that summer was around the corner, then when May was being typically May (we had roughly normal temperatures most of the month), we thought it was really cold.

What was not normal about May was the rain. It was a cloudy month, but not rainy by any measure – often when it did rain, it was just light drizzle that didn’t even register in the rain meter. The heaviest rain fell on 31 May (20mm) and it’s just as well, because now we’re really heading into summer with sunny weather and warm temperatures.

* * *

Temperature (High): 17°C
Temperature (Low): 6°C
Temperature (Average): 11°C

Barometer (High): 1019 mbar
Barometer (Low): 986 mbar
Barometer (Avg): 1002 mbar

Total of sunny days: 1*

Snow: none

Rain: 53.5 mm
Days with rain: 11

* A predominantly sunny day. Any cloud cover, and it’s not counted.

* * *

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