Memory issues

There are no problems, just issues.

So this memory issue for my home computer then. From hoping to upgrade from 1 to 1.5 GB RAM, I went to having 512 MB instead. I managed to restore the original 2×512 MB and then tried again to figure out how to get the additional 512 MB to show up. I did some digging and found a detailed spec sheet for the motherboard and read that it supports 2 memory banks for 333/400 MHz DDR, and 3 memory banks for 266 MHz. Guess what? Yes. I’m an expert in trying to fix the unfixable and would you believe, I never succeed. It’s so tragic it’s… no it’s not even funny.

Or maybe just a little.

* * *

At work then, my laptop expired. It had showed some signs before, but now it point blank refused to operate and it kept freezing and after reboot, completely lost the network adapter. After some testing I came to the conclusion that the SP2 installation (better late than never?) messed up the network so the problems are software related. So now I have to re-install the laptop to confirm it, if it still keeps freezing, then Dell will have to fix what they broke in the first place (it started after I had some service done for the laptop, only problem… eh issue… is that I co-incidentally installed SP2 just the day before, so now I can’t be sure which operation caused the prob… issues I’m having now). Anyway, I had to use my #2 computer for work today. It’s just that it only has 256 MB RAM because I don’t normally need it to do anything memory intensive. It was so slow it was… no it wasn’t even funny.

But I laughed anyway. What else can you do?

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