So, there we go. Winter. It started snowing after lunchtime and I soon realised that I was in trouble – it was going to snow more in Loos and I had 60 km to drive with summer tyres on the car. I left work early and initially it was quite ok, some wet snow on the road but nothing I couldn’t manage. Then it was time to turn to the Loos road, there’s a small uphill right after the crossroads and that’s where the problems started. No more wet snow – now it was packed snow! The anti-spin was working like crazy and carefully, carefully I made my way up. The conditions didn’t improve and after another spell of spinning wheels, I decided to give up driving, turned back and drove to the garage in Korskrogen. Some frantic telephone calls ensued and a friend came to my rescue, so I got a ride home. Looking at the road conditions, it probably was the best decision I’ve ever made – there is no way I could’ve kept the car on the road even if I had driven at a crawling speed.

This is what it looked like when I got home

So now I’m at home and my car is in Korskrogen, somewhere between Loos and Ljusdal. The good news is that my friend took the winter tyres back with them so they are now with the car. If I’m really lucky, they will have time to change the tyres tomorrow at the garage, but I’m not counting on it – for some reason, this is very busy time for them… Otherwise, I’m just waiting for the snow to turn to rain so I can fetch the car.

*sigh* It seems like I cut it close every year with the tyre change… but this is the worst ever!

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