New car!

So, my new car arrived ahead of time and yes you’re right, I’m very very very happy! It was originally estimated to arrive in September so it was a nice surprise when I got a call from Toyota on Tuesday.I got the car armed to the teeth with extras and the coolest of them all is the multimode gearbox – i.e. automatic, but not quite. This is causing me a lot of headache because you have to help the gears with the break and gas pedals and I’m naturally only used to the clutch and manual shift. If you see a green Yaris stutter along in traffic, it’s not me. [looks innocent]

Buying the car was a learning experience.

  1. Never take ”medlemsbilkredit” (car loan via the union). It’s worth paying a percent or two extra just to skip the bureaucracy.
  2. Read the documentation before you act. I had searched for all the documents I had concerning the old car, but couldn’t find the registration document. So I decided to order a new one just in case my second round of searching would turn out blanks also. But of course I did find the document later on, it was right where it should be but I just hadn’t realised that it was it. Which meant that when I presented the old registration document at Toyota when I left in my old car, it couldn’t be used – only the new, due to arrive to me on Monday, qualifies now. Duh!

It’s such a cool car! Small, but cool. Just need to learn the gear operation before I look entirely too much like I only got my drivers license yesterday. LOL!

* * *

This morning I noticed that Furuvägen had re-opened after the torrential rain had washed away the road earlier this week. I took a look in the evening and sure enough, they had already patched it up. I’m impressed – I thought it would take them weeks to get up to it because this road is surely not a priority.

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