Explosive batteries

So, guess who’s a lucky one and has an explosive battery in the Powerbook? No prizes. The Dell Latitude I have at work had a good battery so I didn’t have to exchange it, but the Apple Powerbook – the very same Powerbook I will take with me to Canada in two weeks! – has one of these Sony inflammables and the replacement battery won’t arrive until in 4-6 weeks’ time. Alright so I’ve been using the Powerbook on battery power and no problems, and the likelyhood that it will explode is very small… but I guess the airline would prefer me not to use it during flight, or risk getting arrested with charges of taking explosives on board. And that’s not really even a joke!

* * *

I realise that it’s been more rants and less photographs lately in this blog. I’ll try to make an effort to shoot something this weekend but to be honest, I don’t feel particularly inspired. August seems to be a bit of an off-month for me; in August 2004 I took exactly one (1) photo, and it wasn’t even a good one.

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