Canon 24-105mm f4L

I finally got my long-awaited 24-105mm f4L lens, it will replace the 17-85mm as my all-round lens as I speculated last year. Add an extension tube and it should double as a close-up lens, so I can hike light with just one lens. But speaking of weight, that’s the first thing you notice with the new lens – it’s heavy, and almost twice the size of the old 17-85mm. But you get used to everything, and so I have gotten used to this and don’t even think about the weight anymore.Reading the reviews, one thing they all mention is that the lens vignets on full-frame. Well, I don’t use a full-frame camera, so vignetting is no issue. Neither is barrel distortion which also comes up in the reviews, since I rarely photograph a subject with straight lines. But when it comes down to it, the most important quality of any lens is the sharpness. Is my new 24-105mm f4L sharp? In a word, YES. When I previewed the images in RSE, I had to double check that I wasn’t applying sharpening!


The lens also seems to have low flare when shooting into the sun. Canon had to recall the first batches of the lens because of a manufacturing error which caused flare under certain circumstances, so I would have to say that they definitely fixed the issue. The biggest problem I had with this image was all the pollen stuck on the lens, it’s normally not noticeable but at f16 and into the sun, I had these white dots all over the place. Love the healing brush.

Oh, and I’m not happy with the image either, but I don’t want to clone off the trees on the right. I reckon that there’s a window of about half an hour when you can pull this off. I will take a good image of it, one way or another!

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