Trees for the forest

My dad loves trees. He has some forest back in Finland and every once in a while he takes me for a tour to look at some special pines growing on the cliffs, defying gravity, or some old gnarled pines growing in fascinating twists and loops. He has pacified these trees – when the times comes to cut the forest, they will be left standing until old age or other natural forces take them down. I think it’s partly thanks to dad I have an affinity for trees as well. When I spotted a pine growing on top of a large rock in a forest nearby, I didn’t wait long before photographing it. The pine basically had just one branch of root following down the rockface and reaching to the forest floor, making me amazed once again at how wonderful nature can be.

Pine on a rock
It hung on to this rock until the machines came

The other day they started cutting down this particular forest and I could see straight away that the pine on top of the rock had not been spared. I guess some people just can’t see the trees for the forest.

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