The Big Equaliser

Just watched the weather forecast (which seems to be my favourite program these days). I was a bit amused when the meteorologist sounded apologetic when he predicted overcast skies for the coming days. We should also get a bit more snow, which is great, considering that right now it’s above zero and the snow is disappearing fast. So the weather for this weekend should be snowfall and overcast skies. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to apologise here – this is the best weather imaginable for me! Photographers usually call an overcast sky for a big diffuser, and indeed, it is. In the same way, snow for me is the big equaliser – it transforms the nature around you by hiding small detail and highlights other things you would otherwise not even notice.I don’t normally like black&white photography. But when the nature itself becomes b&w, I go wild with the camera. I am absolutely fascinated by snow and the way it changes the world around me. When the sun doesn’t appear even during those few hours of daylight we get, the last of the colour fades away as well. This is what I have waited for.

Skeleton fingers
Skeleton fingers

* * *

The image is from last Saturday.

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