In print

I finally got published! …and I paid for it myself. I think it’s so cool with these new photo print services these days, as soon as I had heard about the possibility of publishing/printing your own book, I started planning mine. With the Christmas coming up, I wanted to get one done as a pressie for my parents (they are not reading this blog anyway so it will be a surprise for them). I just got it delivered today and am I ever so pleased! The hardcover binding is probably the most impressive part of it – the content and layout is all mine, so that’s when it gets a bit iffy… but it’ll do just fine. I will definitely be creating more books and looking at the results now, I know what I should do differently the next time.

If you are at all interested in seeing your work in print (and no one wants to pay you for it), then I can warmly recommend putting in the effort for creating your own book! It’s a bit pricey but hopefully the prices will come down as the competition increases. But the way I see it, the result was well worth it.

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