Holiday story #2 – Silverfallet

Yesterday was a total washout – heavy rain and heavy winds. So I was all the more relieved to see that it was no longer raining even if it still was overcast and I could finally do a hike up a mountain – my target was Storsnasen. I could see straight away that I was not going to reach the top because what had come down as rain down here had fallen as snow up there. I’m not experienced or brave enough to walk up and down mountains in tricky conditions.


The beginning of the hike was just about as boring as it gets – just level ground through the forest. Then I finally got to the marshes and the scenery got better (a proper view towards Storsnasen), however the trail had seen its best days as some of the wooden planks crossing the marshes were downright rotten or just simply missing, so the name of the game was to stay alert and walk carefully to avoid plunging in the cold water. I had seen on the map that there is a waterfall (named Silverfallet) running down from the mountain and sure enough, I could see the falls from the distance.

When I finally reached the falls, I was happy. Instead of just one big fall, there were numerous smaller ones along the whole way. So I don’t know which one of them was the actual Silverfallet or if that is a collective name for all of them, but it was nice in any case. Photo ops were thin on the ground however since the water falls in a ravine and it’s difficult to find a good viewpoint, but I did manage to shoot three of them. The higher up I got, the easier it would’ve been to shoot the falls, however the wind was also getting heavier with every metre up so the camera wouldn’t have been steady for long enough for slow shutterspeeds.

I hadn’t quite reached the high plateau when I decided that it was time to turn back. I don’t like heavy winds too much, especially if I’m alone on a mountain and bad weather is forecast for later in the day. I was almost able to lean on the wind, it was that hard. So I turned around at roughly 950 metres but once in the protection of the forest, everything was fine and dandy again. The hike back was somewhat more boring than the hike in, and what I had initially considered as ”level ground” through the forest turned out to be anything but, and I was going up and down small hills all the time. You don’t notice these things with fresh legs; but with a hurting hip and a hungry stomach, it was disappointment after another until the car park finally was there.

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