Holiday story #1 – Ånn

Here it is – finally! – my ”summer” holiday. I was originally going to go to Lapland, but since I was a bit tired from work I didn’t feel like driving that far. The weather was going to be on the poor side anyway so I didn’t want to go there for nothing – done that a few times already.

So I drove to Ånn (west from Åre, close to the Norwegian border) and when I got there, the first impression was – a small place. I don’t have anything against small places, on the contrary, it’s just that they somehow always take me by surprise. This is the kind of place where a café can advertise itself as the café – because it’s the only one! I wouldn’t have believed the train stops there if I didn’t see it myself… The railway station was just opposite the road from the youth hostel and I could see the train from the room window.

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