Snow moon

Sometimes I can’t decide what I have more of, plans or excuses. I love planning and I don’t even want to think about how many plans I have that I’ve never gone through with. There’s always something that “comes in the way”. But last night there were no excuses, I was going to ski up to Ånnfjället and do some shooting in moonlight. I got a nosebleed halfway up, and even that didn’t stop me! I kept pressing snow against my nose until the bleeding stopped, figured that I can at least try to continue and then turn back if the bleeding starts again. I’m used to nosebleeds, I happened a lot when I was younger so it’s not a big deal, but it did leave me a bit shaky because of the adrenaline rush. When I was going up the steepest hill, I even felt like I might not make it, but I just took it very slowly and got all the way up. When I reached my spot, I put on a down jacket and mittens to keep warm and I soon felt better. 🙂

These opportunities with a full moon and clear skies do not come very often. And usually when it happens, it’s very cold – I’ve used the cold temperatures as an excuse in the past. Although, maybe -20°C isn’t an excuse… just smart. I need to gain almost 400 m in altitude to get up there and doing that in deep freeze is not good for the lungs! Anyway, last night wasn’t that cold, it was -6°C when I started and -13°C when I came home. Up on the mountain it’s not as cold as down here, so the conditions were perfect. A little bit of wind, but not enough to blur out the trees during the exposure.

I’m so happy I finally did it! I wish I could say I had a great time doing it, but the nosebleed ruined it a little bit. So I will just say that I a good time up there, and I hope I don’t have any excuses when the next opportunity comes up!

View towards the peak of Ånnfjället
Ånnfjället under the Snow Moon
Ånnfjället under the Snow Moon
Moonburst with Gråstöten
Moonburst with Gråstöten in the background
Venus (with a starburst effect in the full res picture)

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