Ånnfjället in the evening

Ever since I moved here, I’ve had this idea that I could hike on top of Ånnfjället in the evening after work. Somehow I never got around to doing it last year, but now that summer has finally arrived here (after a brief guest appearance in June), I did it yesterday! In theory, you could do it in 3-4 hours, provided that you don’t make a lot of photo stops. In the end, it took me almost 5 hours, and I really didn’t start to shoot anything until I was halfway down from the mountain. Incidentally, this was only the second time I’ve been all the way up on the peak, despite the numerous visits on the mountain since I moved here. There is so much more to the mountain than the peak!

At the tarn which is nested between the ridges of Ånnfjället, I came across a bull reindeer with huge antlers. And make no mistake, this bull knows exactly what he’s worth – unlike all other reindeer I came across, it didn’t run away at the sight of me. In fact, it approached me. I’ve never heard of a reindeer attack but when you’re that close to antlers that big, you kinda start wondering what the safe distance is, you know? It’s not like there are any trees here to climb to safety! But I guess it really just wanted to show me who’s the boss because after a while of staring at me, it walked away. Respect!

By then, the sun was going down. I found these lovely fern that were glowing green in the back light, providing a perfect foreground for a sunburst and a horizon made out of our biggest mountains – Skarsfjället, Sylarna and Helags. What a wonderful evening it was!

The reindeer don’t look so pretty now with their winter fur still coming off, but they sure have a big landscape to look at
Just look at those antlers!
Walking away
Walking away
Sunset on Ånnfjället
Sunset on Ånnfjället

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