Easter, Day 2

I need a plan. If I don’t have a plan for the next day when I go to bed, I will wake up without a plan and the day is pretty much ruined already. Last night, I didn’t make a plan. This morning, I woke up without a plan. So I spent the whole morning on doing nothing and got more and more sulky by the minute, until before lunch I finally got my lazy butt out the door.

Past experience tells me that I can’t do skiing five days in a row. My PT has also advised me that I should let my body to recover in between heavy workouts, so I knew that I would have to have an off day during this Easter. With this morning as it was, it was clear that my off day was today, so I took the gondola up to Funäsdalsberget and I was just going to walk around the short Nordic Ski track on top, enjoy a cup of coffee at the café and then take the gondola back down. I got halfway on the ski track when I realised that the track wasn’t going to go past any viewpoints, but I was close – just needed to wade through the deep snow and then climb up the steep cliff and then I had a free view towards Ånnfjället. Having come up there, I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to take the same way down again, so my option was to take the less steep cliff but have a longer hike through the deep snow, or just simply follow the barren ridge to the view platform at the highest peak of the mountain and then hope that other people had been there so I could follow their tracks back to the ski lifts.

Reindeer on top of Funäsdalsberget
Reindeer on top of Funäsdalsberget

On the way, I encountered a couple of reindeer. It’s funny how a day can turn around… the adrenaline kick from climbing up the cliff, and seeing the reindeer, and I was suddenly in a good mood! And indeed there was a path from the top to the lifts so I walked to the café. My luck ran out, the queue was so long it almost reached the door. It was the peak lunch time though, so I thought maybe if I wait a bit, it gets better. I needed to do that walk around the Nordic Ski track anyway, I mean only got halfway before… so I did that, saw the reindeer again, came back to the café, absolutely starving, found that it was still packed, took the gondola down and bought some food and ice cream in the village and drove home. Heck, I can make better coffee myself, without suffering the crowds… and the ice cream was good.

Now I just need to come up with a plan for tomorrow. I really do need a plan!

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