Best laid plans

It’s the Finnish Independence Day and my plan for the 365 was to shoot the flag of Finland, seeing it that it will be hanging from every flagpole today. But what I didn’t see coming was the dismal weather and the fact that I didn’t actually get close enough to any flagpoles today.

Then I was going to meet with my friend in the afternoon to get a cup of coffee somewhere and catch up with life. Which lead to another problem – everything is closed today. So we drove around for a while in a hopeless search for any place that would serve coffee and the only thing we found was this Subway/Kotipizza place. I got a cup of coffee and my friend got a pizza and we were just about the only people there.


In the evening I ended up doing the traditional thing, i.e. watch the Independence Day celebrations on TV. I should mention that the Finnish Independence celebration is nothing like the American one. In fact, I doubt that the Americans would even consider that we “celebrate” at all. It’s all very serious!

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